Saturday, February 3, 2007


Dear Friends and Readers:

I just saw, to my utter dismay, a popular radio website, one that I count as a friend had a billing "Cumbey Exposes Javier Solana as AC." This was THEIR HEADLINE EDITORIAL and NOT MY PRONOUNCEMENT.

Certainly, at this point, I confess to believing he could well be an EDUCATED GUESS and that there are many parallels between what he is saying and doing and prophecy. But I'm not ready to make a definitive pronouncement, nor have I that he is definitely "the dude." I have meticulously tried to avoid sensationalism and stick to facts. I can handle my enemies. Lord, please deliver me from my friends! I hope I have not hurt these dear friends feelings, but I feel it critical that we maintain dignity and credibility at this critical juncture! Only time and events will ultimately tell!


GBH said...

Hi Constance,

If you have the time, you might want to send a comment on Alex Jones' new article titled "EU Federal Superstate Becoming A Reality." You can read this article by going to www.Prisonplanet.TV I was thinking you might want to email your "Part I" on J. Solana as I think you might be on to something with your research on him.

Txs and keep up your good work,

Greg H.

datta said...

Hilarious! You are still up to your old tricks aren't you connie? I remember listening to you in the 80's
when you could terrorize me and other kids. Still a terrorist I see. Somewhat amazed you've been able to make a gig of all this, but America is chocked full of propagandized "believers &/or dupes", so you'll probably end up quite rich.How creepy.

rita said...

First , if I may set down my bible and take a shot at this demon, "datta said", take a hike ya bum, we see through you and the evil you serve!! I just wanted to tell you Ive been following your work for some time now as it correlates with my own research. I appreciate everything you do and hope to actually talk to you in the near future, GOD BLESS!