Saturday, February 3, 2007


Dear Friends

I just saw, to my utter dismay, a popular radio website, one that I count as a friend had a billing "Cumbey Exposes Javier Solana as AC." This was THEIR HEADLINE EDITORIAL and NOT MY PRONOUNCEMENT. Certainly, at this point, I confess to believing he could well be an EDUCATED GUESS and that there are many parallels between what he is saying and doing and prophecy. But I'm not ready to make a definitive pronouncement, nor have I that he is definitely "the dude." I have meticulously tried to avoid sensationalism and stick to facts. I can handle my enemies. Lord, please deliver me from my friends!

I hope I have not hurt these friends feelings, but I feel it critical that we maintain dignity and credibility at this critical juncture!

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Pierre Georlette said...

Dear Constance,
I was very surprised to hear some of your statements about "Friends of Earth" and alike. The reason is that using very different ways I came, it seems to me, to the very same conclusion as yours. My basic source to judge info is the Bible. Maybe this will surprise you and even make you rejct my statments but all started with the discovery in the Time magazine more than 30 years ago of the name of a men that made 666. Don't stop here. Following the career of this man, I finally found last year that he was deeply involved with the foundation in the early 90ies of what became the CGG (Commission on Global Governance).
Following now the principle at the base of the work of this Commission, I found out that in order to get a Global power on earth (apparently their goal), they encourage the wide use of all NGOs that can act everywhere in the world and in usually a non democratic way. The NGOs I mean are indeed Friend of Earth, Green Peace, WWF and so many others who can destroy anyone or anything simply by acting scandalously and so-doing attracting automatically the press/news who are looking for this kind of stuff to attract their listeners/readers.
What was very surprising for me is the fact that for instance "Friends of earth" were more or less openly Satanic as I understood from your speech making refernce to some of their booklets. I am ready to believ this but will need to crosscheck like Bereans. I was also surpsied about the kind of stanic power or hypnotism that was used in large meetings to impose behaviour on people and you were lucky to escape this influence in order to testify about the event.
I am living in Israel since more than 25 years now and came here with my family simply because I found the right info in the Bible that it was good to come here, provided the Lord would accept you as it is His Land.
I wish you the best.